Anything Goes in Oates!

By Virginia Harris

This year’s musical, Anything Goes, is one of the best plays I’ve seen at Collegiate thus far. With a cast of thespians who have been in theater for several years, to new playgoers who are in their first performance, the play is upbeat, fun, and entertaining. The play is set in 1934 on the voyage from New York to London and follows the character of Billy Crocker (played by Samuel Sommers) who follows the love of his life, Hope (Missy Williams)–who happens to be engaged to an Englishman (Taylor Bostic)– aboard a ship to London. The play has awesome songs and dancing and Julia Messer, as Reno, does an amazing job! Every member of the cast and crew’s time and effort is clearly evident in this year’s play, and I highly recommend everyone go see it! If hearing from others and this article haven’t convinced you yet, here are 10 reasons you need to go see the play. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Go See Anything Goes

1. You saw the preview; therefore, you know that these people can not only sing, but sing incredibly well. 

2. You can see football captain Samuel Sommers, tap dance.

3. The songs will be stuck in your head for the next few days.

4. There’s a live, super-cute dog.

5. It’s hilarious (literally, I was laughing the entire time).

6. The set is super-cool (s/o to Crüe),

7. There are criminal gangsters with guns.

8. Boys look classy in their suits.

9. You can live vicariously through people who can actually act and sing well if you’ve always wanted to be in a play.

10. They’ve worked so hard and put so much effort into it, so go support your peers!

UPDATE: Saturday’s show is sold out, so if you have tickets, lucky you!

About the author

Faculty Adviser for The Match, the student newsite for The Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia.