Top Ten Future Collegiate Retreats

10. The Purge

9. Required Dress Code Review (9 am-4 pm)

8. Committing Forensic Crimes

1/0. College Planning for Fourth Graders (Early Decision!)

6.5. Honors Five Minute Break (effective uses of your valuable time)

7. Lightbulb Workshops

6.6.6. Satan 101

6.2. Homecoming Dance Asking: Is June Too Early?

6. Russell Wilson Statue Sculpting

5. Geocaching Doc Hailes

4.3. Keeping Your Sanity With Your Smartboard

4. Proper Finger Scanning Technique (8 am-5 pm)

π. Chicken Tender Wrestling

2.3. Flex Day Training: Discovering Your Inner Flexibility (w/ Dr. R. Scott Roper)

2. AP Cornhole Exam Review

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