International Emerging Leaders Conference

Next week you may be speed-walking from class to be first in line at the chicken tender bar and suddenly see a flock of students swarming the Commons, and then you may think to yourself, “Huh? Who are these people? Why are some of them not speaking my native tongue? Will they try to cut me in line and steal my chicken???” Don’t fret, young one; your tenders will be safe.

The fourth annual International Emerging Leaders Conference will take place this coming week (October 4-12). About forty international students and their teachers will come to Collegiate from countries around the world–France, Lebanon, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Kazakhstan, and many more–to participate in a program that focuses on global leadership, design thinking, and environmental issues. Throughout the week, the students will work on projects in small groups to use design thinking to solve global issues which will be presented in Thursday’s Design Pitch in the Saunders Library. In addition, the students will visit a global packaging company called MeadWestVaco, the University of Richmond, and the Capitol Building in DC. On Friday, the international students will visit Upper School classes during C and E periods, then end the day with the Cultural Fair in the Lower School where there will be traditional dancing, (really good) food, and crafts. The Design Pitch and the Cultural Fair are open to everyone in the school!

All of the Collegiate Senior Ambassadors are really excited to meet the international students and participate in this amazing conference next week! So if you see any of the visiting students around school, make sure to say “Hi!” and welcome them to Collegiate!

CLICK HERE if you want to hear about the Conference throughout the week and see photos, read posts, and listen to international songs! Also follow us on facebook and twitter (@CougarsGlobalEd).


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