Top Ten Reasons Sheldon Got Detention

10. He showed some shoulder.

9. He said the word “shoulder.”

8.5. He brought food to Brunch.

8. Wearing camo.

7. Not wearing enough camo.

6. He wore a crop top.

4. He doesn’t even HAVE a shirt tail.

3.4. He doesn’t even have a shirt.

3. He doesn’t even go here.

3.2. He dissed Chicken Tender Day.

6. Not wearing enough Vinyard Vines.

5. He wrote someone else’s name on the Honor Board

4. He was flexing too creatively.

3.3. Russell Wilson is not his favorite football player.

3. Too many demerits.

2. He took too long to change the lightbulb.

FOS woman-shoulder

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