Snapchats of the Week

As you probably know, the Collegiate community is full of creative, fun, artistic, and downright weird people. These qualities are best showcased through Snapchats, pictures that can be sent for a few short seconds but then disappear forever… until now. Using our finest screenshot technology, we are now able to capture these hilarious and strange photos forever, and what better way to share the laughter than by creating a weekly Snapchat compilation? This week’s Snapchat theme: Creepy. Really, really creepy.


An uplifting message from Ashley Byrnes.


Christy Bacon does have a good point.


Alum Kristie Turkal experiencing a power surge.


Our very own Kyra Gregory, who may have just jumped out of a horror movie.


Nightmare fuel by Katherine Golladay.


Emily Gerber’s terrifying facial growth does indeed resemble a face.


Name: Zebra-man. Location: Under your bed. Run now while there is still time.

Next week’s theme will be: Snapsterpieces! Please submit your snapchats (preferably of yourself, ask your friends for permission before submitting) to

About the author

Gabi is a superb, sensational, sumptuous senior at Collegiate. Her spirit animal is a raccoon, and in her spare time, she enjoys playing Pokemon, doing titrations, and practicing banjo.