Interview with Mr. Hickman, New Head of School

Mr. Steve Hickman is starting off the 2014-2015 schoolarge_photo187428_1979411l year as Collegiate’s new Head of School. The editors of The Match sat down with him before the first day of school to get to know him and his plans for this year.

A Tennessee native, Mr. Hickman has been anything but stationary throughout the course of his life, as a former resident of Arkansas, South Carolina, Louisiana, and California, to name a few. His wife’s family lives here in Richmond, so don’t worry, Virginia is his favorite. In Tennessee, Mr. Hickman attended a high school much like Collegiate. The relationships and friendships that he forged there made his high school experience memorable. In fact, he still maintains close relationships with his high school friends, some of whom were in attendance at his daughter’s wedding. In his free time, Mr. Hickman enjoys walking with his wife and spending time with his three grown children. He can often be found playing golf, discussing movies with his two sons, reading, or bettering his community with his daughter. Of course, he also enjoys the national American pastime of watching TV, and his favorite television show is the action series 24. His favorite style of music is classic rock, and some of his choice musicians are Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, The Eagles, and The Beatles. He is truly passionate about these rock classics, and over the past year he has enjoyed recreating his former music collection by collecting old vinyl records.

When Mr. Hickman arrived at Collegiate, he found all his former expectations were affirmed. “The school lived up to its reputation,” he said, “Collegiate has been known for its forward-thinking, willingness to try new things, outstanding teachers and excellent students, and I found those things to be true.” One of his former schools in South Carolina, Heathwood Hall, shared many of the same characteristics as Collegiate. Everyone was always looking to improve and create the best possible student experience, inside and outside the classroom, creating a “culture of constant innovation.” The school was surrounded by farmland and located right before a river, creating “a feeling like you were in another, more tranquil place. Between the geographic setting and the culture of continuous improvement, it was really a great balance. As I was looking at Collegiate, I felt many of those same things.”

This year, he wants to continue global and economic education, and spend a lot of time observing and getting to know the Collegiate community. In particular, Mr. Hickman really wants to get to know the senior class; he hopes to create some sort of tradition to help him meet every senior. As a global awareness teacher of fifteen years, Mr. Hickman would also like to explore creating a global issues senior seminar class in a few years, as soon as his busy schedule will allow him to do so. He doesn’t have any drastic changes in store for this year, but then again, Collegiate can only handle so much change at once!

From his support of Collegiate’s values to his enthusiasm for school life, Mr. Hickman will be a great addition to the Collegiate community this year and for years to come. He looks forward to getting to know every student and encourages each student to introduce themselves when they see him.

Mr. Hickman is well-versed in Collegiate’s traditions already, and his knowledge was put to the test in a Collegiate pop quiz. See his answers below:

What is Brunch?

“Brunch is a tradition that is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving done by the junior girls for the senior girls.” So far, so good!

Feast: Y/N?

“No.” Uh oh….

How many nifty?

“None.” We’ll give this one to him, though.

Who is Cougie?

“Our mascot!”

Will you be participating in Pageant?

“If I need to.” That’s the Christmas spirit! Maybe he can help chaperoning the middle schoolers.

Who are our rivals?

“The Saints!” He’s right, any and ALL Saints are rivals.

True or False: Green and gold.


Rank in order of importance: Chipotle, Qdoba, El Cap, Smoothie King.

“Chipotle, Smoothie King.” Those are the only ones that matter, anyway.

Windsor or Mooreland?

“Randolph Square.” Them be fightin’ words.

Flame, Match, or Torch?

MATCH!!!!!” He gets an A+ for getting the most important question right.

Mr. Hickman is ready to embrace all of our crazy Collegiate ways!

And if you would like to know some more interesting tidbits about him, here are some critical facts in understanding the real Mr. Hickman:

  • His spirit animal is his former dog, Quincy, named after the person who rescued her. She was a docile golden retriever who never barked in the four or five years she lived with him.
  • He is in favor of the new schedule, coming from a prior school that used a similar seven-day schedule.
  • He does in fact know that Russell Wilson went to Collegiate and is fully ready to convert to being a Seattle Seahawks fan.
  • He now has a very large cat named Kitty how weighs eighteen pounds. She refuses to cooperate in any diet that is presented to her.
  • He likes pop quizzes.

By Emily Spalding, Gabi Brumagin, and Kyra Gregory

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