Collegiate’s Emergency Signals

  • Collegiate recently had a “Signal Blue” drill for emergencies on campus. Here are some other “Signals” you should be aware of for campus emergencies.
    • Signal Red: Communists on Campus

    • Signal Orange: Dutch People on Campus

    • Signal White: Someone on Campus Isn’t Wearing Polo, North Face, Vineyard Vines, Abercrombie, or Anthropologie.

    • Signal Green: The Recycling Bins Are Full

    • Signal Maple Syrup: Canadians on Campus

    • Signal Guac: The Line At Chipotle Is Too Long

    • Signal Rein: It’s A Sad Day On Campus

    • Signal Pagel: Too Many Puns on Campus

    • Signal Hart Johnson: Tear Gas Inbound!
    • Signal Lengel: He Won’t Stop Singing

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