Two Girls Wear The Same Dress to Sweet Sixteen: Riot Ensues

Last Saturday March 22, a horrific tragedy occurred at Sweet 16, leaving 27 dead, 68 injured, and 11 missing. This tragic outburst began when two sophomore girls wore the same dress to the dance. As soon as they spotted each other, they began an explicit verbal argument, and violent chaos ensued. As one witness stated after the dance, the two girls “went after each other like rabid hyenas” and soon enticed many of the other party-goers to join in the brawl. Those who were not initially involved in the fight were forced to abandon all reason and resort to primal instincts. One boy claimed that he had to break off a piece of the ice sculpture to “use as a spear” to survive.

It took a mere 43 minutes for the chaperones to break up the fight, and only 10 parents were severely maimed in the process. Injuries include broken nails, fractured rib cages, third degree burns, hurt feelings, and death. The two girls with the wardrobe malfunction were both killed in the brawl. We recently interviewed some of the survivors, and they had varying opinions of the incident. One boy stated “I’ve been having recurring nightmares all week.” Another stated, “It was like a weird, special edition of the Hunger Games.” And a third stated, “I just can’t believe they wore the same dress.”

The Hippodrome will not be hosting the Sweet 16 dance next year.

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