While you were eating heart-shaped cookies and cuddling by the fire, The Match took over for Cupid this Valentine’s Day to help you find your true love. Love is in the air.

Tucker Harris with Jack Cole and Virginia Harris with Nathan Cross

  Virginia wrote that she was jealous of Nathan and Tucker’s Relationship (Don’t tell Jack Cole), So we decided to switch them up. Jack and Nathan wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyways.

Marielle Cottrell and Rob Ford

Because they’re both Canadian, eh? So they’re perfect for each other, eh?

Rahily Sutton and Jed Londrey

In the Survey, Rahily confessed that her crush was Jed Londrey and Jed confessed his was Rahily. Plus, they both love the beach and candlelit dinners. Rahily also put that she looks for a guy with a rock hard body and abz. Jed has both.

Will Stallings and Katie Wright

Will requested a girl that’s tall with blonde hair and Katie said she “loves a man of few words”. Plus, since they’re both above average height, they won’t look like this couple on the beach.

Zach Jecklin and Himself

Zach took the time to fill out 7 different entries. On the Who’s your crush?, responses varied from “Jecklin..Duh”, “I would marry Zach Jecklin”, to  “Zach Jecklin…Is that not clear?”.

Mary Weston Devoe and Beyonce

Baby it’s you, You’re the one I loove, You’re the one I need!

Dalton Ruh and Ravenel Harrigan

He wants a girl with luscious locks, and she has the best hair in the senior class. It’s fate.

Deven Shakya and Taylor Swift

It’s a love story, baby just say yes.

Strib Walker and Katie Carr

Because Strib’s crush was Katy Perry and her name is Katie (Just spelled differently).

Jacob Baldwin and Coach OB

Their perfect date would be a romantic candlelit dinner of steaks dowsed in creatine in the weightroom.  And for dessert, a couple leg circuits.

Russell Wilson and Brooks Doxey

Coach Doxey would be so proud.

Fisher Mountcastle and Claire Templeman

They were both introduced to each other through a mutual friend (Grace). Now it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. Fisher seems to be set on someone who is “Nice and good looking” and Claire fits both of these requirements. (See picture above).

Shawn Kerry and Mr. Bannard

Together they will rule the world.

Tim Lengel and Dr. Ross

Because Mr. Lengel wants somebody who “will eat pizza and watch the history channel with him on a Friday night” and who better than our own historian, Brian Ross?!

Mark Brizzolara and Mary Katherine Kish

Mark wrote that he would love to be matched with someone who “is really good at swimming, has golden locks, loves UCLA, and resembles a Goddess”. Kinda creepy, but Mark resembles a puppy so whatever he does is cute.

Brian Davia and Abigail

Because it’s only a matter of time.

About the author

Kyra has been writing for The Match for four years and is co-editor this year with Emily and Gabi. When she isn't reading The Match, she enjoys chocolate, professional wrestling, and long walks on the beach.