Junior Parking

By Julia Messer


Tomorrow there is an event scheduled on campus for the Dog Walkers Association of Eastern Bon Air. Once again, Collegiate needs your support since the new parking lots we put in two years ago are already obsolete. Therefore, you all will need to park in alternate locations that won’t disturb the event during the hour it’s in session.

Parking in the Church parking lot:

  • Afolayan through Bostic
  • Cecil through Colón
  • Roberts

Parking on the track (but not on the field!!! We must honor the ground where Russell Wilson began his journey.)

  • All born in October through December

Parking at the Robins Campus on the Cross Country track (attached are walking directions from Robins to Main Campus)

  • Anyone with a last name for a first name.
  • Anyone with a double name.

Parking inside Oates Theater

  • All involved in Art, Drama, or Music but with no varsity sport.

 Parking in the VIP spots located in front of the Upper School

  • All Varsity Boys Football, Basketball, Lacrosse players.

Parking at the Roberts’ household off of River Road

  • Hart Johnson

I again thank you for your mandatory cooperation and for giving back to help your school community squeeze the most cash out of the Academic Commons as possible.

Don’t rattle my cage,

Mr. Palyo


About the author

Julia is a senior who is still silently judging you.