A Smorgasbord of Laughter – The Winter Play(s)

By Sheldon Speedmeyer

blackbox2The first of two nights of hilarity took place on the Oates stage this evening in the Winter Play presentation, Blurred Lines. I was lucky that Kelsey Mathern, Stage Manager, let me be her assistant for the evening (I only broke four bulbs!). The play is actually a collection of five scenes/one-acts by five different authors, each providing a humorous perspective on love, relationships, and misunderstandings. Catherine Dent, Emily LaPlante, Julia Messer, Faith Reed, and Chris Van Winkle are the student directors, and they only had about ten days to work with their actors (only two or three characters are in each scene). It’s an hour of laughs and clever wordplay. Plus, you get to see Matt Glover shirtless, which is nice.

 Highlights of the evening include:

-A brilliant upper-crust British accent from Margaret Wadsworth (Are you there, Mr. Court?)

-Some provocative answers to the question: “Do you have a zombie plan?!”

-The aforementioned Matt Glover’s chest hair, in a brilliant satirical take on the cult noir film classic Reservoir Dogs,

-Bobbie Edmunds cursing like a sailor (seriously… don’t bring your little brother… or Aunt Edna),

-And Price Withers and Sonja Kapadia in a touching scene that will take you directly back to the most awkward tween years of your life.

So after the basketball games (Go Cougs!), take in this free evening of entertainment. You won’t regret it. If Lengel comes, you can laugh with him, and no one will hear you. The hijinks start at 7:30, on the stage (behind the curtain!) in Oates Theater.

Image courtesy of: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/music/facilities/blackbox

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Sheldon has been writing for The Match since 2007. He is a perpetual senior, coming close to graduating a few times. In his free time, he enjoys watersports, such as chess and calculus.