Dear Junior Year

Dear Junior Year,

After being with you for a whole semester, all I can say is that you have been everything I could ever have wanted. You have made all of my dreams come true in every possible way. The advice from the Seniors is completely true: Junior year is so easy.  I barely have any work at all, and all of my classes are really easy! Previous AP Chem students warned me that the course would take over my life, but I think it’s a piece of cake! I can tell that it’s going to be a great year. I love going to bed at two AM almost every night because it really helps me focus in my classes and do well on my tests the next day. Sleep is overrated anyway. Before this year, I hated coffee; but now it’s my best friend! Thank you, Junior year.

I have a bunch of free time when I’m not studying that I spend relaxing, watching TV, and reading The Match. But all this relaxing is pretty stressful, and I’m worried I might forget to go to college! So if we could have a little less free time, my life would be a whole lot easier. I would really appreciate some more homework and a few more tests so I don’t have to relax as much. Maybe we could even throw in some mid-term exams halfway through the semester, just for fun.

Keep being yourself, Junior Year, and thank you for all the ways you have made my life heaven on Earth.

Much love,


About the author

Kyra has been writing for The Match for four years and is co-editor this year with Emily and Gabi. When she isn't reading The Match, she enjoys chocolate, professional wrestling, and long walks on the beach.