Led by Cougar Russell Wilson, Seahawks Continue to Advance

By Parker Moore

After defeating the New Orleans Saints 23-15 in a cold and windy match on Saturday, the Seahawks move on to a 13-3 record and remain arguably the strongest team in the NFL. Through Marshawn Lynch’s 140 rushing yards and two touchdowns, accompanied by the Seahawk’s lockdown defense, the Hawks were able to hold off the Saints, who threatened multiple times to take the lead.

RusselWilsonThrough their regular-season success, the Seahawks secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which arguably has been one of their biggest strengths given their NFL record 16-1 home win streak. In fact, CenturyLink Stadium, where the Seahawks play, has garnished a Guinness World Record as the world’s loudest stadium, exuding an ear-shattering 137.6 decibels. Despite their success and support of the “12th man”,  the Seahawks might have to play without wide receiver Percy Harvin, who suffered a concussion late in the first half. Harvin, who sat the majority of the regular season due to hip surgery, may or may not play next Sunday, which will be determined by his ability to pass concussion tests. Without Percy Harvin, QB Russell Wilson loses a valuable weapon in his arsenal, and the Seahawks will need every benefit they can get when they play San Francisco next week. After losing to the 49ers last time 19-17, the Seahawks will have to change their offensive game plan in order to remain in the hunt for the Super Bowl. In addition, the Seahawk’s defense will need to find a way to stop the 49ers offense, led by QB Colin Kaepernick and WR Anquan Boldin.

By winning on Saturday, the Seahawks automatically advance to the Conference Championship round next Sunday, which will determine who plays in the Super Bowl. With only four teams left (Seahawks, 49ers, Patriots, Chargers), the impending Super Bowl draws nearer, as the intensity of each game multiplies exponentially.

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