Top Ten Oddball Group Costumes

10. Mr. Lengel Posse (Q: What is the plural of “Lengel.” A: “Lengi.”)

9. Hanes Fruit

8. New Kids On The Block

7.5. The Science Department

7.25. Collegiate Security

7. Hitchcock’s The Birds

6.5. The Cookes

6.3245980098. The NSA. (Hi there, Agent Davis!)

6.25. The Harkness Table

6. The Chik-Fil-A Chickens

5. The cast of E.T.

4.5. Sons of Anarchy

4. The cast of Honey Boo Boo

3. Eggs

2.5. Cougars 😉

2. Wade Hayes’ Pants

1.5. Cards Against Humanity

1.25. The Stages of Miley Cyrus (Q: What is the plural of Miley Cyrus? A: Wrecking Balls;)HanesFruit

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